The following services are provided individually or combined, based on absolute transparency, devotion to detail and a keen understanding of your needs.

  • IT Consulting

    Prepare for the future

    Utilize information systems to maximize the performance of your business. Create a flexible, fast, secure and cost-effective digital environment to achieve your goals, all with the most modern development and management solutions.

    Looking to the clouds

    Solutions are designed for cloud computing services, as well as your own infrastructure, other providers, or a combination which best meets your needs.

    • Reliable operations
    • Low service latency
    • Operating expense savings
    • Secure implementation
    • Legal compliance
    • Technical risk management
    • Detailed resource management
  • UX/UI Design

    To your surprise

    A unique approach of simple, substantial and memorable visual design in your application defines everything. Communicate your intentions to your audience instinctively through carefully designed elements.

    Innovating on the basics

    Create your digital trademark, with a complete visual design approach for your business.

    • Human-centric design
    • Intelligent use of space and color
    • Attention to detail
    • Optimised digital experience
  • Software development

    Nothing left to chance

    Implementation of software services with sustainable methods and extensive quality and security control. Create the software you need to cover your business processes.

    Theory in practice

    Software is developed for your digital services based on your own needs and for the easiest possible future maintenance with a detailed record of requirements and risks.

    • Organized clean code
    • Documentation
    • Implementation transparency
    • Extensive quality assurance
    • Easy management and maintenance
  • Website hosting

    Your corner of the internet

    Host your website with competitive prices and additional services to enhance your digital presence.

    Additional services

    • Domain name registration (.gr, .com, etc.)
    • Free SSL protection
    • 99.9% availability
    • Use FTP
    • Unlimited personalized e-mail accounts