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I'm a full stack programmer, UX designer and a new business owner. I grew up in the heart of the internet era. I've made it my purpose to harmonize the digital sphere with the real world in order to improve people's quality of life.

I completed my studies at the University of Piraeus, as a graduate of the Department of Digital Systems. Then a daring adventure started in the world of Greek bureaucracy and I came out a new man, a new freelancer.

I originally worked as a simple webpage developer. Later, and with enough theory and practical experience, this skill evolved into complex content management systems (CMS), to the construction of online stores (e-Shops) and, ultimately, to complete software systems and cloud-based service clusters.

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One of my favorite pastimes is working in software open source. It just means some software which I develop is, and remains, free for everyone to use and modify as they wish! This from what you understand could be a full time job, but the truth is that it is often difficult to even work part-time. If you'd wish to enhance my journey into the world of open source software, and actively help me to maintain and update my open source projects, visit my profile on GitHub Sponsors .